Byjuno monthly invoice for SBB customers

Byjuno AG processes the purchase by invoice on behalf of SBB. With the Byjuno monthly invoice can easily and comfortably purchase services at SBB and then pay by invoice.

Limit increase

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Change of address

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Questions and answers about the Byjuno monthly invoice

Who is Byjuno?

Byjuno is a Swiss payment processor based in Zug.

I would like to pay by monthly invoice at SBB - how do I proceed?

Log in to, click on "My account" and then click on "Payment" and "New payment method".

I was not approved for the Byjuno monthly invoice - how do I get to know the reason?

A credit check can be negative for a variety of reasons. Please try again and in case of anew rejection, please click on the displayed link and follow the instructions.

How will I receive the Byjuno monthly invoice?

You’ll receive the Byjuno monthly invoice by

  • email (only e-banking payments possible)
  • regular postal mail - incl. Orange payment slip (CHF 2.50 for each shipment)

Please choose the desired delivery method during the registration process.

I’d like to receive a payment slip?

Please activate the postal delivery. You will find a corresponding link on each email invoice.

When will I receive the Byjuno monthly invoice?

The accounting period is always from 9th to 8th of the following month. The invoice is created on the 9th of the month and then sent. The postal delivery may take up to 10 days.

How long is the payment period?

The invoice must be paid within 30 days from the invoice date. The payment must be received by Byjuno latest on the 8th of the month.

How can I pay the invoice?

The best way to do this is by e-banking (free of charge) or at the post office counter, but the post charges for this. Byjuno will charge you the expenses for payments made at the post office counter 1: 1 with the next monthly invoice.

Can I pay the money at the SBB counter?

No. The invoice is processed by Byjuno - therefore, you necessarily must pay to Byjuno.

Does Byjuno charge reminder fees for late payments?

Yes, Byjuno charges CHF 17.50.- / 22.50.- reminder fees for the 2nd/3rd reminder.

Why do I have to pay reminder fees?

Due to the late payment, additional costs incur and these must be charged to you by Byjuno. In this case, SBB has decided that the obligation to pay damages should be imposed on the person responsible (instead of the general public). The reminder fees charges are due according to our terms and conditions.

Where can I find the T&C‘s?

On every invoice, there is a link to the terms and conditions that you accepted during the registration - or click here.

I cannot purchase new services at SBB with Byjuno any more – what am I supposed to do?

There are different reasons for this:

  • Technical reasons – please try again later.
  • The credit limit might be reached – apply here for a higher credit limit.
  • We did not receive a payment for the amounts still open and due - please pay the last reminder received - it can take up to 3 working days until your account will be unlocked.
  • The account is inactive. Please contact us.

I moved and have a new address. Do I need to report the new address to Byjuno?

Yes, please send us your new address immediately by means of the contact form on the following link: CONTACT

Can I offer my clients the Byjuno invoice in my online shop or my company?

Yes, please contact us at

I have not received the actual invoice via email. What am I supposed to do?

Check to see if the email from Byjuno with the invoice may have landed in your spam folder. If not, write to us: CONTACT

I have cancelled a ticket purchase through the SBB completely or partly. When will I receive the appropriate refund?

Depending on the exact date of the cancellation, the credit note will only be issued and visible on the next monthly invoice. (Please do not deduct the canceled amount from the current monthly invoice, but pay the total amount; otherwise reminders with additional costs will be produced)

If you have not made any new SBB purchases and want to be refunded, please write us and send us the following information about your bank account: name of the bank, location of the branch, IBAN Number and name of the account holder: CONTACT

Do you have any other question that has not been answered yet?

Please write us: CONTACT